Our Box Hill Campus caters for students in Years 7-10. The campus curriculum is informed by the Victorian Curriculum (2017) and includes the learning areas of The Arts, English, Health and Physical Education, The Humanities, The Technologies, Science and Mathematics.

The primary goal of the curriculum is to provide a personalised learning opportunity which is focused on the individual needs of students and provides educational opportunities in a nurturing community. Students are encouraged to develop confidence in learning, whilst reconnecting and re-engaging with education.

Classes are small, with 12 students working with a Teacher and an Education Support staff member, supported by a dedicated Wellbeing Team.

Planning for teaching and learning follows a skill-based outline, focusing on Literacy and Numeracy as a priority. Overarching themes (e.g., multicultural studies, indigenous studies, current events such as Olympics and elections) are used to guide the delivery of activities and learning outcomes across the campus. The inquiry skills of researching, analysing, evaluating, reflecting and communicating are interwoven throughout the curriculum.

Classroom learning is conducted in mixed ability classes with the activities, tasks and outcomes carefully adjusted and supported to meet a diverse range of learning goals and abilities.