Our Purpose

Our purpose is to provide an innovative, alternative setting for students with social and emotional challenges. Our programs provide the opportunity to re-engage in learning through a quality, skills-based curriculum in a wellbeing-centred environment.



  • Our students will address their social and emotional challenges and achieve success in a nurturing and supportive learning community.
  • Our programs will utilise an innovative skills-based curriculum and implement emotional regulation techniques to engage students effectively in their learning.
  • Our staff will provide a nurturing learning community and build strong relationships with our students.
  • Our community will provide opportunities for understanding, flexibility, belonging and diversity.


School Values               

At our school, we value:

  • Hope – moving forward with confidence and a ‘chance for change’ to create a positive future.
  • Belonging – fostering a deep sense of school community where everyone is accepted and celebrated for who they are in a respectful, inclusive and compassionate environment.
  • Nurturing – empowering growth and learning in a safe and supportive community.
  • Success – being guided to accept responsibility and face new challenges to achieve our goals.