The Constitution of Berengarra School Ltd. (2019), outlines the structure and legal obligations of the school’s governing body.  Berengarra School Ltd. is a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee. The school is registered as an independent specialist school through the Victorian Registration and Qualification Authority and as a charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission.

The school is not affiliated with any religious or charitable organisations. The Board of Directors forms the governing body, the primary roles of which are to establish the vision and strategic direction of the school and to appoint the principal. The board also ensures compliance with legal obligations, monitors adherence to systems of risk management and undertakes periodic performance reviews.


We believe that success for our students is achieved when they feel a sense of belonging through safe and meaningful relationships in a nurturing and supportive community. From this supportive base, students are best placed to engage fully in their learning, focus on their wellbeing, and develop the skills essential for progression into further education and future employment.



Our vision is to be recognised as a leading, independent, specialist school for students experiencing significant social and emotional challenges. We will provide an innovative and effective curriculum in a wellbeing-centred environment which enables students to re-connect with learning and engage successfully in further education and future employment.



  • Our students will address their social and emotional challenges and achieve success in a nurturing and supportive learning community.
  • Our programs will utilise an innovative, skills-based curriculum and implement emotional regulation techniques to engage students effectively in their learning.
  • Our staff will provide a nurturing learning community and build strong relationships with our students.
  • Our community will provide opportunities for flexibility, understanding, belonging and diversity.


The essence of the School Board’s governance role is to oversee all aspects of the school, appoint the Principal, and ensure a strategic approach to the school’s future by setting major objectives, policy frameworks and strategies.

Members of the School Board are the Chairperson and a number of community representatives.

Board members are committed to their roles and offer a wide and diverse range of knowledge and professional experience to assist with ensuring Berengarra School remains a leading independent specialist school.

The School Board is the governing body of Berengarra School and meets six times a year.

Our current Board members are:

  • Pam Siostrom – Chairperson
  • Mary Cole – Deputy Chair
  • Prue Cutts
  • Erin Dempsey
  • Hayden Fisk
  • Justin Finnerty (Principal)
  • Janine Smith (Business Manager/Company Secretary)